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We hope to run a popular, fair, and legal competition. 

RECEIPT - If no receipt comes through wait at least 48 hours and check your Spam Folder also, as we are sending a lot of emails and they may be queued for distribution. 

EMAIL - Many people that contact us saying they have not received something have actually used a different email address to register than the one they think? So please check all different address you have (and junk folders).

CHARGE - If you are worried that you have or have not been charged, first check with your bank/card company and make sure the payment is showing as paid not 'pending' (or it won't show up this end)

SHARE LINK - If you have a question about the share link or free entries via the share link then read the FAQ

OTHER - If you have a question about anything else please refer to the terms or the main page

If you have read the above and STILL have a question then please contact us on the following email and we will try to get back to you.

However please note that this is a high volume competition so please be patient while waiting for a reply, thank you. 

[ Do not expect a reply if the answer is already covered above or in the FAQ ]

Thank You
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