As usual we've faced all sort of challenges and adversity in this competition! 
COVID, lockdowns, hackers, harrassment, just to mention a few. 

However we've managed to draw for the Winners, under the watchful eyes of legal and guests, and called the Winners to tell them the good news.

Ticket sales were dissapointing with less than 14,000 entrants so not enough to award the house. 

BUT... even after processing, marketing, and administration costs we still managed to give away £100,000! 

plus ELEVEN other Cash Prizes and a Share Prize worth over £27,000 in all!

AND a further £11,000 donation to Rushton Dog Rescue... bringing our total donation to £26,000!

The Winners are:

Share Prize Winner Donna Miller won £5,000!

Donna won the share competition by a considerable margin after posting her Share Link underneath all our Ads and posts which had many thousands of views, and badgered literally everyone to get a ticket.

Currently homeless with her partner and  3 kids staying in a friend's bedroom, Donna said "Thanks to Win Your Dream, my family can now try and rent a place to call home and have the fresh start that my family deserves." Good luck to you Donna.

#1 Adam Hall won £100,000!

Adam who works in glazing systems said: "I only got about 3 hours sleep last night, I’m still in shock!  I was just about to start my extension on our house, as I've been putting it off for 4 years and was going to do it a bit at a time. But now I can just build it with no worries at all, and take our beautiful girls to Disneyland Florida when it all opens up again! I just cannot believe this has happened when it has. Now I’m going to be stress free, not pulling up at home after a long day thinking I need to get my house finished! Thank You So Much Win Your Dream!"

#2 Mark James won a £10,000 B&Q voucher!

Mark is an IT analyst living in Newbold Verdon (5mins from Market Bosworth) with wife Claire and their two girls Margot and Penny.  Mark said "This win will mean the world to us! We had recently contacted a kitchen design company to start conversations about getting our kitchen renovated. Now with this amazing news it has made that decision much easier!!"

#3 Andrea Walker won £3,000!

Andrea said: "I still can’t believe I have won £3000, what a great start to the year! We moved into a new house a couple of years ago and still haven't been able to afford to decorate the kids bedrooms, especially with this last year and being on furlough. So the money is going to get the kids rooms done. Which they are really excited about and totally deserve seeing as they are spending so much time in home at the minute. Thank You Win Your Dream!"

#4 Justyna Gozdek won £3,000!

Justyna was over the moon with her win. “My job in the event industry has been affected by Covid-19, so there couldn’t be a better time to get this call from you Mike! The prize will definitely help me move forward in this challenging time. Thank you so much Win Your Dream!!!”

#5 Urvashi Mistry won £1,500!

Urvashi is a Biomedical Scientist working in a hospital so was not available to take our call. But she got right back to us and was very happy with her win! "Whilst most people were working from home, myself and my partner who both work at the University Hospital of Leicester have been working through this stressful time in the department currently testing for Covid-19 in hospital patients within Leicestershire. So winning £1500 feels amazing, maybe 2021 can be a better year for all of us. " All the very best to you and your family Urvashi, and keep up the good work!

#6 Nicole Bains won £1,500!

Nicole Bains, a school teacher in Leicestershire, said "Winning the money has been a great feeling, especially during this lockdown period when all you see is negative news. It’s an amazing feeling to have won - it’s the first time I have ever won a competition/Prize! I'm putting the money towards a well overdue family holiday in the sun for when we are allowed to travel again. Thank you Win Your Dream."

#7 Patrick Veasey won £1500!

Patrick from Leicestershire is very pleased with his win and is going to split the winnings between his two daughers and several local charities. Well done Patrick!

#8 Ian Carmichael won £500!

Ian is an aerospace engineer based in Farnborough and will use the prize to partially fund the engine rebuild currently underway on his classic Morris car. Sounds like its going to be a fast one Ian!

#9 Stella Bridle won £500!

Stella was very happy with her win. "I’ve given my winnings to my 3 adult kids to cheer them up during lockdown! One is saving for a house deposit, another for Uni & one needs new boxing equipment!" Sounds like you've got your hands full Stella!

#10 Jack Stammers won £500!

Jack was over the moon with his win. He has just bought a house with his girlfriend and says this will help with buying the furniture!

#11 Jonathan Guiver won £500!

Jonathan was pleasantly surprised to get Mike's phone call letting him know that he had won £500 and says it's the first time he has won anything! He is putting the money toward a course he is studying.
You can verify that your tickets were included in the draw here:  https://www.random.org/draws/details/?draw=128795

NB. Paste in your TICKET NUMBER not your email address!
We would love EVERYONE to be a Winner.

But thanks to the charity donations we are able to make due to your support for our competitions, we are ALL Winners. 

And a massive Thank You to the Owner for allowing his house to be put up for the prize, and wish him well selling it through normal channels. 

This will be our last house raffle for a while, but we will be shortly be announcing a whole new competition!

Win Your Dream Competitions


Hopefully you're all getting excited??

The TV show called "My Lottery Dream Home" starring Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen would like to get involved with the draw with a view to filming the Winner for the series for the Discovery Channel.
Literally came together yesterday, who knew??!!!! So you not only get to win a very decent cash prize but it looks like you might get famous in the process!

But... lockdown is causing some last minute problems and we can only get our solicitor for tomorrow.

Which means you're all going to have to hold it together for 24 hours longer! Sorry folks. 

But see you all here tomorrow (Thursday 7th Jan) at 12 noon for "Take 2" as they say in showbiz!

Mike xx

Competition Closed!

We have to wait a few days with bank holidays etc for the electronic and postal ticket data to be provided to us, so the draw is scheduled for noon on Jan 6th. Check back here for the most up to date details. Time to get excited!

We gave away two houses in 2020. But unfortunately this particular property failed to draw in enough ticket buyers, and sales were not enough to award the house & car as the prize on this occaision. We tried hard and extended for extra time, but it seemed an Eco house with a grass roof in Market Bosworth was not for everyone.

So we are reverting to award the cash prize instead where the Winner gets 80% of the net ticket sales after charity donations and costs. The last time we gave one of these away it was more than £150,000! But we'll know exactly how much on Jan 6th when we have all the information in and everything has been counted.


In addition to the main cash prize, on Jan 6th we will also be drawing for:

🎉 x4 £500 cash prizes - Four lucky people will win five hundred pounds each, just for being picked out... helps pay for Christmas!

🎉 x3 £1500 cash prizes - Three even luckier people will win fifteen hundred pounds each... treats all round!

🎉 x2 £3000 cash prizes - Two even luckier people will win three thousand pounds each!!!! Three Grand... would that make your New Year??!

🎉 x1 £10,000 B&Q Voucher - Yes TEN THOUSAND pounds to spend in any B&Q store in the UK! Win this and it's time to get a new kitchen, new bathroom, or get the garden sorted. Can you only imagine?!!!

And of course we'll be finding out who did best in the Share Competition and earned themselves a very handy £5,000!

Can I just say it's also great to know that you've all helped save a lot of dogs and given quite a few homeless people a chance to get back on their feet too. Thank You on their behalf xx

Watch this space! Will YOU be one of our12 lucky winners?

And WHO will win the big one?!

Each ticket sold helps rescue and rehome dogs
So win your dream and help save a dog's life too.

Once in Lifetime Opportunity that could change EVERYTHING...
All profits to dog rescue

Find Out About Our Previous Winner, Jemma!

Winning this house could literally change everything overnight. Like it did for 23yr old Jemma who won our first competition on Valentines Day.

Jemma Nicklin was living with her parents in Bilston, Wolverhampton. As a Charity Admin Assistant she made a difference but was on a smallish salary. She worked hard, but was always thinking she'd never be able to afford her own home. Deep down like many she knew that it was going to take her and her boyfriend forever to save a deposit for a house.

But then her Mum and Dad told her about our "Winacountryhome" competition they had seen on BBC and in the paper. It looked a bit too good to be true, but she thought "What have I got to lose for £2" and decided to get a ticket (two actually).
A few weeks went by and the competition was drawn in front of the press and invited guests with ITV filming (watch here). And then... drumroll... Shropshire Star hit the button and instantly a normal down-to-earth 23yr Bilston girl was worth half a million pounds! 

The rest is history: 

On the property ladder at 23. House paid for. No more debt, set for life. A roof over her head, and a half a million pound asset to her name which might well double in 10 years. And an idyllic country home to have BBQ's on the weekend and her lovely family over.
Jemma's family can't wait to start having BBQ's at the new house!

Could it be YOU this time?

To think that you actually have the chance to OWN a home like this..
To Win a LIFESTYLE like this..

For just £2. Unbelievable. Absolute #NoBrainer.

Well don't blink, this is literally a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Win Your Dream.
Jemma Nicklin won a £500,000 home, Shanique won our last competition worth £600k, could it be your turn next? 
Your house and your luxury car parked outside?

Find Out About Our Previous Winner, Shanique!

Winning this house could literally change everything overnight. Like it did for Support Worker Shanique who won our most recent competition in September.

Shanique was working as a Support Worker and living in a council flat in Heath Town, Wolverhampton when she read about the competition. Getting married to her her childhood sweetheart Mark in December, she was praying for some good luck.

Shanique was sitting on her bed at the time of the draw, waiting for the phone to ring. But when it didn't, this remarkable young 23yr old began praying  the house be won by someone who really needed it.

Just after the phone rang and it was Mike from Win Your Dream with the best news she had ever received! It took a moment to register and she kept repeating "Oh my God, Oh my God.... I don't believe it!"

Shanique bought 18 tickets, and said that she kept buying more to give herself a better chance.

Another 23yr old, set up for life in a beautiful
£550,000 cottage in Sedgley wiith views of the nature reserve. In an split second go from living in a block of flats to living in the oldest house in Sedgley, mortgage free and set of life. Unreal!


The entry fee for the Prize Draw is £2 per ticket and requires you to answer a question about the area. 

You can also earn additional free entries by sharing the competition online. Once you've bought a ticket, we give you your own customised URL to promote (called a Share Link). So go for it and increase your chances of winning!

There's even an extra £5000 reward for the person whose sharing activity results in the most ticket sales! What could you do with that?

We allow free written entry by 1st class post, and all entries either paid or free will be treated equally.


The closing date for entries has been changed and is now December 31st 2020. The Winner will be drawn electronically in public a few days after at noon on 6th January and the Winner notified by email and telephone. We hope to stream it live on both FB and IG.

There are also additional prizes which will be now also be drawn on 6th January which are:

🎉 x4 £500 cash prizes - Four lucky people will win five hundred pounds each, just for being picked out... helps pay for Christmas!

🎉 x3 £1500 cash prizes - Three even luckier people will win fifteen hundred pounds each... treats all round!

🎉 x2 £3000 cash prizes - Two even luckier people will win three thousand pounds each!!!! Three Grand... would that make your New Year??!

🎉 x1 £10,000 of B&Q Vouchers - Yes TEN THOUSAND pounds to spend in any B&Q store in the UK! Win this and it's time to get a new kitchen, new bathroom, or get the garden sorted. Can you only imagine?!!!

EVERYONE that has bought a ticket for this competition will be in the draw for these prizes, and will also be in the main draw for luxury house and car and/or a large cash prize. So you have MULTIPLE CHANCES of winning this time! And of course we will be drawing at random by ticket number. 🏆🏆🏆 

The promoters hope to sell a minimum of 712,500 tickets in order to include transfer costs such as Stamp Duty, Legal Fees, the first year's Council Tax, and include the luxury car!

But if the minimum quota is not reached, the winner will be offered a massive 80% of the ticket receipts instead - a seriously life changing amount of money. And we will still be drawing for the additional prizes whether we reach our minimum quota or not. We hope you agree that's fair. 

And if we sell more than that, 100% of our profits go to our new animal fundraising project called Freedom4dogs. This project helps fund three rescue operations (Rushton Dog Rescue, Furry Angels Haven, and Dog Bus). They all do spectacular work rescuing and rehoming dogs. We recently gave Rushton £15,000 to rescue 10 dogs from China and rehome them here in the UK.


Win Your Dream Competitions Ltd (run by Mike Chatha) is very proud to support Freedom4dogs which helps rescue dogs from the meat trade in China, Furry Angels (Time Magazine's Pet Rescuer of the Year) in China, and Dog Bus.

Please see Freedom4dogs for more info about these three amazing organisations.

Win Your Dream and Win a Countryhome
previously featured:

Featured on ITV

This unique opportunity was filmed live and broadcast by ITV.  And the stats indicate that word reached the US with overnight sales coming from Canada and New Zealand too. 
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Mirror

Winacountryhome was featured in The Mirror on February 14th 2020 with "gobsmacked" winner Jemma.

Country Cottage for £2 anyone..? No Brainer!
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Daily Mail

Winacountryhome was featured in The Daily Mail on January 13th 2020

Lot of interest for this record-breaking prize draw!
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Sun

Winacountryhome was featured in The Sun on February 15th 2020 featuring the Winner, 23 year old Jemma Nicklin from Wolverhampton, who bought just 2 tickets at £2 each!
Winacountryhome BBC

Featured in The Metro

Winacountryhome was featured in Britain's most read paper on February 17th 2020 and had 135.6m shares!

Clearly A LOT of people want to win this idyllic country retreat.

Featured on BBC News

Winacountryhome was featured on BBC News on 13th January 2020. They featured it twice on the News and had Winacountryhome promoter Mike Chatha back for breakfast on the red sofa too.

Now everyone knows they can win a dream house for £2.

Featured in Birmingham Live

Winacountryhome is also currently featured in the Birmingham Live as the owners of the farmhouse were originally from Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) and made the move to beautiful Shropshire after Sundays out with their little one (now 18).
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