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Last Updated on 6th January 2021


I have a payment error?
If you are getting a 907 or 905 error message, this is usually because you are trying to use a Credit Card. However the law changed recently and you are no longer allowed to buy competition tickets on credit.

Please try using a Debit Card, and if you have problems please contact us.
I have a 3D error?
Banks make the own security checks to make sure the payment is valid. If you receive a "3D" error or something similar then contact your bank to find out why they are not allowing it.

Email Receipts

When do I get my Email Confirmation?
You should get this within minutes of your purchase, but due to the high volume of ticket sales there may be a delay.

If you have not received an email confirmation within 3 days of purchase, and you have also checked your Spam & Junk folders, then please contact us via Messenger or via Email (see Contact link in footer) and we will look into it for you.

We will require your email address and mobile number to look this up for you.

But before you contact us, please:

* Check to see that you have actually been charged? If the payment is still showing as 'pending' then you have NOT been charged and therefore will not have been sent an email. In this case talk to your bank first in order to find out why your payment did not go through.

* Check your other email accounts in case you used another address to register, and check that Email account including Spam folder.

Ticket Numbers

Where do I find my Ticket Numbers?
Ticket numbers are allocated at the point of purchase and are confirmed on your email receipt.

But don't worry if you can't find them as we have all your data here. We WILL contact you and keep trying to contact you if you win.

And YES we draw on ticket number.

Free Tickets for the Homeless

How do I claim my Free Ticket?
If you have been made homeless in the last 12 months, or are about to be made homeless within the next 3 months, then email with documentation supporting this.

This might be a letter from a mortage company, a debt recovery company, a court, a solicitor, a local council, or some other authority. 

One ticket per applicant will be allocated per person (subject to suitable proof of course) with a maximum of one entry per family. 

Ticket numbers will be allocated internally before the draw, and we may or may not notify of you these.

Share Link / Free Entries

How do I enter the Share Competition?
Go to which will allow you to register and get your share link.

Sharing helps you earn extra free entries (which we keep a track of this end) and the person with the most ticket sales from shares gets a £5000 prize! (T&C's apply).

Should we sell more than the minimum amount of tickets then the winner of the Share Competition will recieve more than £5000 (details to follow in due course).
Where is my Share Link?
When you signed up for the share competition you should also have received a confirmation email containing your Share Link. 

If you did not receive then check your Spam & Junk folders for an email from us, just in case.

If you have waited 48 hours and checked your Spam then contact us via FB Messenger with your email address and we will create one for you.
Am I notified of people who have used my Share link?
Yes, we have recently put this back in, so each time someone clicks on your Share Link to buy tickets on the site you get a Free Entry in the draw and an Email notification confirming this.


When is the Draw?
The Competition Close date has been extended to midnight on 31st December 2020 and the Draw is scheduled to take place on 7th January at 12 noon (changed from the 6th due to lockdown issue). More details nearer the time.

Extra prizes will also be drawn on 7th January. All tickets purchased at any time for this competition will be entered into this draw also as well as the main house draw.

See main home page for details of these extra prizes which include Cash Prizes and Home Improvement vouchers.

We hope to stream the live by Facebook and Instagram.


1 - Consolidate the Data
We collate the competition user data from various entry sources:

- Online Payment Processor
- Postal Entries
- Referal System

into a Master Dataset. 

2 - Check Data Quality
At this point we perform a standard 'sanity' check on the data to ensure that we have the correct numbers of paid users, free entry users, etc so that we know everyone is correct and present.

We also run random tests on the data, singling out ticket records in the Master Dataset and checking back to their corresponding original records. We perform this test for several hours to check that the amalgamation process has been performed correctly.

As this stage we will identify any test data and remove it, and look for any other anomalies that might cause a problem for any subsquent data operation.
3 - Ticket Numbers
Ticket Numbers for paid entries will already have been automatically generated at the point of purchase, and confirmed with the player via Email. We allocate additional ones for homeless entries that were gifted.

4 - Draw via Random Number Generator
We use a Random Number Generator which is fully Gambling Commission approved and compliant, and operated by a 3rd party (our payment processing partner).
A group of volunteers present (including press and legal) will be invited to officiate, and:

(i) Inspect the Master Dataset which contains all of the Entries in the Draw, and to check the total number of entries

(ii) Inspect & Test the Random Number Generator at for true randomness. They may test this multiple times (as many as they like) until they are satisfied that it is truly random.

Once everything has been checked, we will invite one of the  volunteers (most likely from the local press or media) to push the button and generate the Winning Random Number.
5 - We Contact The Winner!
Once the winning number has been generated, the volunteers look up the corresponding number in the Master Dataset to verify the Winner's contact details.

If there is a contact telephone number for the Winner, then we call the Winner and tell them the good news (first checking that they are over 18).

We also email and write to the Winner as well (dependent upon the information supplied by the Contestant).

If the Winner cannot be contacted within 21 days then we shall run the process again to select an alternative Winner.

Audit Process

Correct, Transparent, and Fair.
We hold the values of Transparency & Correctness very highly, and try to be Legally and Ethically fair to all entrants.

We work hard throughout all our Competitions to ensure that people are treated correctly and with respect. 

To date we have received zero complaints from the Gambling Commission, Trading Standards, Advertising Standards Authority, Local Authority, or any other organisation.
3rd Party Audit
If anyone wishes the challenge the validity of the Prize Draw or the underlying draw process within 7 days of the Draw they are welcome to do so.

However this will be at their own cost and utilising a Professional Auditing Company on a list that we supply (available upon request).

This company will then be given full access to the online payment systems used to process entry payments, the bags of opened postal entries, and the online referral system.

We would expect a 3rd Party Audit company to take around a week to confirm that everything is in order, and that the user was indeed chosen correctly and fairly at random.
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