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Read This - Whoever gets the most tickets sales through sharing gets between £5,000-£45,000 !

You automatically get an extra free entry in the draw each time someone buys tickets through your "Share Link".

All you have to do is post it everywhere, as often as possible [ see FAQ for details on free entries ]

Not only do you get a Free Entry each time someone buys, we're also giving away a massive *£5,000 to the person whose sharing activity results in the most ticket sales. 

But if we exceed the minimum amount of ticket sales, this could be SO much more.. as much as £45,000!

#TIP1: People that win this Share Prize don't just share once - they keep on sharing their link throughout the competition in order to get the most shares AND the best chance of winning the house itself!

#TIP2: Previous winners of the Share Competition post on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other social. But they 

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Each time you share we donate to Freedom4 dogs as well. 

Through sharing we've just managed to help rescue 10 dogs from China and fly them home to the UK be rehomed with families.
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Our Latest Home Winner, Shanique

September 2020

Shanique Davis was a Support Worker living in a council flat in Wolverhampton, and engaged to fiancee Mark.... and kept buying tickets to give herself a better chance. And she won a £550,000 home and £50k RangeRover!!!!!! Shan kept repeating "Oh My God, Oh My God..." until she rang her Mum and it finally sank in!

Our First Home Winner, Jemma Nicklin

Valentines Day 2020

Jemma Nicklin was living with her parents in Bilston, Wolverhampton. As a Charity Admin Assistant she made a difference but was on a smallish salary. She worked hard, but was always thinking she'd never be able to afford her own home. Deep down like many she knew that it was going to take her and her boyfriend forever to save a deposit for a house.

But then her Mum and Dad told her about our "Winacountryhome" competition they had seen on BBC and in the paper. It looked a bit too good to be true, but she thought "What have I got to lose for £2" and decided to get a ticket (2 actually).
A few weeks went by and the competition was drawn in front of the press and invited guests with ITV filming (watch here). And then... drumroll... Shropshire Star hit the button and instantly a normal down-to-earth 23yr Bilston girl was worth half a million pounds! 

The rest is history: 

On the property ladder at 23. House paid for. No more debt, set for life. A roof over her head, and a half a million pound asset to her name which might well double in 10 years. And an idyllic country home to have BBQ's on the weekend and her lovely family over.
23 yr old Jemma was a part-time charity worker living with her parents,and had just opened an ISA to start saving for a house. Her Dad Carl saw Mike from Win Your Dream on the news and in the paper and persuaded Jemma to buy a ticket. Good call Jemma!
Jemma's family can't wait to start having BBQ's at the new house!
Mike Chatha with Winner Jemma Nicklin from Bilston, who won a £500,000 dream home for £2
Image courtesy of Express & Star / Jacob King PA

Could it be YOU this time?

To think that you actually have the chance to OWN a home like this..
Win a LUXURY LIFESTYLE like this, with house & car thrown in..

For just £2. Unbelievable. Absolute #NoBrainer.

Well don't blink, this is literally a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Win Your Dream.
Jemma Nicklin won our last competition, could it be your turn? 
Your million pound home and your Maserati parked outside?

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